1. General Information
1.1. Masterhomepage GmbH is the proprietor and invoicing party of the ClassicalMasterclasses.com database.
1.2. Registration with the classicalMasterclasses.com database is permitted for providers of further education courses and seminars in connection with classical music (e.g. teachers, tutors, institutes and private individuals).
1.3. ClassicalMasterclasses.com reserves the right to refuse registrations if their content is not related to classical music, or contravenes the law or offical regulations, or is of an offensive nature.
1.4. ClassicalMasterclasses.com has the right to delete duplicated registrations.
1.5. ClassicalMasterclasses.com is entitled at any time to alter or supplement these contract conditions, including all attachments such as conditions of use and descriptions of services.
1.6. ClassicalMasterclasses.com is not liable for service delays due to force majeure, strike, lock-out, business interruption or the failure of other operators' communications networks and gateways, or for other disruptions.
1.7. No reimbursement of fees is made in the event of service failures due to a disruption which lies outside the sphere of responsibility of ClassicalMasterclasses.com.

2. Duties
2.1. The customer has sole responsibility for the content of the advertisements and services offered. The customer is liable for the accuracy of the information provided by him.
2.2. The customer holds ClassicalMasterclasses.com harmless in respect of all third party claims based on any breach.
2.3. The customer is obliged:
2.3.1. to ensure that his personal data, such as his profile and contact information etc., are complete and accurate;
2.3.2. to use the services in a proper manner;
2.3.3. not to misuse the access provided to the services, or the services provided, and to refrain from illegal actions;
2.4. ClassicalMasterclasses.com undertakes to enable the registrations for searches once payment is received.
2.5. ClassicalMasterclasses.com is entitled, but not obliged, to undertake a review of the contents of the services offered/registrations.
2.6. ClassicalMasterclasses.com does not provide any assurances regarding possible placements and/ or the order of search results for searches/ enquiries in the service provider database.

3. Liability
3.1. Compensation claims due to inability to provide service, active breach of duty, default on conclusion of contract, and prohibited action are excluded both as regards ClassicalMasterclasses.com as well as in connection with its performing agents and vicarious agents, except in the case of deliberate or grossly negligent acts. ClassicalMasterclasses.com does not assume any liability for consequential losses, in particular as regards active breach of contract.
3.2. ClassicalMasterclasses.com does not assume any liability for any losses which arise from the user's and customer's information being able to be accessed via the technical means of transmission (Internet) by other persons.
3.3. ClassicalMasterclasses.com does not assume any liability for the content of the pages posted on the web. The respective site providers are solely responsible for the content of the websites which can be accessed via a link.
3.4. ClassicalMasterclasses.com does not assume any liability for indirect losses, consequential losses due to a defect, or loss of profit.
3.5. The customer bears personal responsibility for the content he has written in the database in respect to unfair competition or other legal breaches. In any event, ClassicalMasterclasses.com is held harmless by the customer in respect of the consequences of loss due to offences in connection with the content of website entries which are brought to its attention by third parties or which are addressed to it by means of a legal judgment or requests for an injunction.

4. Payment conditions
4.1. The prices applicable are those currently published on classicalMasterclasses.com.
4.2. For organisers with an invoicing address in Switzerland 7.6% VAT is included in the price. No VAT is charged for all other countries.
4.4. If payment is made by credit card the registered course is automatically made immediately available.
4.5. In the case of payment on account/ payment in advance, the registered course is made available once payment is received.
4.6. Once payment has been processed no reimbursement or compensation may be demanded even if a registered course is deleted.

5. Miscellaneous
5.1. The place of jurisdiction for all courses registered with ClassicalMasterclasses.com is Basle (Switzerland). Swiss law governs all legal relationships between the parties.
5.2.These conditions are deemed to be accepted when registration takes place.

Position as at May 2009